5 Reasons Why Cold Vacations are the Best


I’m a little biased. Ever since we were 3, my brother and I have been skiing. Every spring break was spent out West with our family on the slopes. I’ve loved my travels to warmer places but, they simply can’t match the cooler experiences. Here’s why you should scrap the swimwear and don the down for your next vacation:

  • You Get Creative

You can’t just lounge at a pool all day with the newest romance novel. Unless you want to do nothing all day, you’re going to brave the cold and figure out some awesome activities to do. You can go skiing, snowshoeing or ice climbing. If you’re in Alaska, you can watch the dog sleds make their way to the Iditarod finish line. Also, you can’t forget the beautiful views of the aurora borealis. You won’t get that in Florida.


  • It’s Prettier

Did you ever wake up to a snow day as a kid? You look outside and the world is still and calm. The snow sparkles, untouched by any footprints or sled marks. Imagine having those feelings throughout an entire vacation. It is a more serene beauty that tropical climates can’t compete with.



  • It’s Quieter

Tourists tend to flock to the heat. People want to leave the dull monotony of their hometowns and explore exotic and colorful locations. It’s wild, warm, and welcoming. Lucky for you, cold weather lovers, wherever you go will most likely be less populated—you can gaze at the scenery without interruption. It’s a solitude (whether you’re with friends or not) that can be rejuvenating.


  • You’re Not Sweating Your Face Off

You know that feeling of the back-sweat drip, don’t lie. It hits the top of your shorts and can drip further in the slowest most uncomfortable way. Yeah, you could throw on your swimsuit and hop into the ocean, but then you have the whole sunscreen-on-top-of-sand issue which is a vicious rinse and repeat scenario. It’s just a slippery slope. In a cold weather place, the only sun you’ll get will be a google tan (hello skiers and snowboarders) and you probably won’t have the sweat issue (outdoor gear tends to be great about pit zips).


(beautiful and fun, but a hot mess of sunscreen and sweat)

  • You Have a Unique Story

Everyone and their grandparents head to the beach for vacation. Half the population seems to have “winter homes” in the south. Heading to a colder place, you’ll meet cool people, have great experiences and take amazing pictures.


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