More Geology and More Geolology

Authored by Not Wanderlust’s head geologist: Evan Dismukes 
Yay Granite! I was finally able to stand on something that wasn’t just red sandstone. As we continued west, we drove through the heart of the Basin and Range province (a place I’d experienced during field camp), the SoCal coast (where I witnessed the oil production for myself) and north toward the rainforest. We have continued the tradition of rallying our Golf in places it shouldn’t be and witnessing the local “medicine” (of which doesn’t pertain to geology, so it’s not in this post).

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Big Trip (days 12-19)

These past few days we’ve experienced extremes. Evan and I went from 282 feet below sea level all the way to 9,050 feet above sea level at the top of Squaw with our skis in tow.
Day 12:

We set out to see Gold Butte, but our Golf had finally found a road which it could not conquer. Luckily for us, we found some cool things in the middle of the desert while trying to hide our disappointment. For example, this lovely sign:

Clearly we were on a safe and enjoyable road.

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