Big Trip (Days 19-24)

Surprise! Our legs found more ski slopes this week, but skiing wasn’t the only time we were on the snow. Our three-season tent had the honor of experiencing season four. Likewise, Evan has made some new jumps: he adopted a giant slug and smashed our windshield with his mighty fist.

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The U.S. in One Big Road Trip


We have our backpacking, climbing, cycling and skiing gear ready to go for our U.S. road trip (and a bit of Canada, eh?). My brother, Evan, and I are embarking on our cross-country adventure to check out our top picks of National Parks. We have no time limit, no pressing deadlines and definitely no hotel reservations (hello, funemployed and newly graduated). Check out the map and follow my posts to stay up to date on our weekly progress—the car leaves this weekend!

The Route:

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Why outdoor adventuring is an introvert’s paradise

I am a true introvert. Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy conversations whether it be with close friends or an average small-talk scenario. But after a long day of social interaction, I welcome solo activities to refresh myself. And you know what? Outdoor activities happen to be some of the best refreshers I have ever encountered. Here’s why:

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