We’re Geology Rally Drivers Now

Authored by Not Wanderlust’s head geologist: Evan Dismukes

This week involved a lot of the same geology. The monotony drove me to occasional boredom and left me with some disappointments. But the trip’s not about me, it’s about hardcore geolology (yes, that’s spelled correctly). So, we kept on keeping on to all the different areas if nothing else but to admire other people’s road warrior camper setups.

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Big Trip (Days 7-11)

It’s only my second post, not even halfway through the trip, and I already don’t know what day of the week it is. We’ve been packing so much adventure into our days that they seem more than just 24 hours long. If it wasn’t for the site, things would start to blur together. (A beautiful blur nonetheless). So, here’s the last few jam-packed days of fun:

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